Cockpit is down, the software don´t work


Dear friends,

I have a serius problem, I changed de ArduinoPhysics.cpp for the new version an the cockpit turn tilt, doesn´t work any more

also change de ArduinoPhysics to the initial state and the cockpit doesn´t work

In the forum peple chat abou reboot system or install software from sd, but I dont now how is the procedure,

please help me.


Hi Maurciio

A couple things:

1) Then changing the files used by the node.js process you do have to stop and then restart the cockpit process on the beaglebone for those changes to take place. You can do that by going to the (no 8080) which is our dashboard that has buttons for doing just that.

2) Based on the screen shot, it appears something is wrong with the arduino code. If you ssh on to the ROV and go to (on version 2.5.0) /opt/openrov/arduino/OpenROV you can then use the git commands to see if anything is still changed. 'git diff' will shod you what is currently changed.