Cockpit crashes when ESC is turned on



So I've assembled most of it (v2.6) and finally reached the programming of ESC. It's the first time I ever program any ESC but I believe I got the hang of the beeps-beeps after some trials with holding the SET key and hearing out for the beeps - I got at least 1 of them programmed (port side) according to the instructions and table values.

Now, the problem comes with programming the middle ESC and the Starboard ESC; whenever I flip the little switch of either of them (and holding on the SET key) to get into the programming mode, I could never get the expected "14 beeps" but instead it beeps what I feel "randomly" as if with melodies. The red/green lights of the Port-side ESC also flashes randomly even though I've switch it off. Is this normal that the lights on the ESC will flash even if it's "off" when I turn on another ESC?

What could have gone wrong? I've double checked my jumpers (white wire on the "inside"), etc.

Another symptom is that the web cockpit will be instantly disconnected (no connection) when I switch on any of the ESC, and when I switch off all the ESC, the cockpit can be reloaded again. What would cause the cockpit to crash when the ESC is turned on?

See attached short video files on the lights...

521-019dfa9d084eb13e4d475fae6655fa25b153eb7b8a.mp4 (1.16 MB) 522-0198388ba3573bdaf9bbf5736d4d4dcdb13ae885b1.mp4 (881 KB)


What are you using to power up the ROV for testing?


Hi David! You sound like you already know what I did wrong with this simple question… LoL.

I’m still waiting for my Trustfire batteries to be shipped. So I’m powering it with a DC power adaptor with a 12V output & 1.5 Amps. I connect the polarity accordingly and therefor supply the battery caps in parallel.

The cockpit shows a constant 11.9V. Am I not supposed to test it this way?


1.5A is probably not enough to power up things properly, as soon as you try anything with the ESC's it will probably crash the BB.


Oh! I’ll try using a separate and higher current adaptor (if I can find) to power each battery ports individually to see if that helps. Thanks David.


Hello all!

My Trustfire batteries arrived and now I tested my setup with the batteries. The same problem is still there: The cockpit will crash whenever I flip the switch of any of the ESC switch, then there'll be what it sound like random beeps that seem to relate to power sources.

Where is the most likely source of problem for trouble-shooting? I've checked all soldering to ensure there's no short-circuits, etc.


Make sure your batteries are charged.

dbl check that they are wired up correctly to the DB25 connector.

try disconnecting the servo, and two other esc's then try programing the one esc that is connected.

the beeps you hear I think are the esc's, follow the instructions to program it then disconnect it and try the next one.


Hi David,

I've verified the DB25 to ensure that the power is connected correctly, but discovered that one of the 6 batteries is a lemon and can never get charged :( So I'm getting only 7.X volts from one of the battery tube.

I'm asking the seller for a replacement. But without waiting another 3 weeks from it to be shipped, may I know if I can at least test the ESC via power from a 12V power adapter or using just one tube (3) of the battery?

I'll try disconnecting the ESC/servo and test one at a time (great hints thanks!) if testing it with another power source is feasible.



One set of batteries should work for you, the two battery packs work in parallel with each other.