Clump weight video camera

While doing a dive yesterday with Trident I had a thought about how cool it would be to have a neutrally buoyant small clump weight attached to the tether about 4-6’ back from the ROV that also had a video camera integrated in it. The assembly would be torpedo shaped and have some fins on the back to keep it stable with the flow. If the assemble had a wifi out cable that could be run up to Trident and attached at the Wifi communication location you could potentially get a live feed of Trident topside in a type of “third person view” of what is going on. I could see this as being useful in certain conditions like operating in tight conditions.


I’ve wondered about the same thing. How can we monitor the ROV itself?

I’ve made a tether camera similar to what you are describing.

(I used a ribbon cable which sadly did not work in the water, so I saw no footage.) The biggest issue I had was that my float was too bulky, so that it jerked the ROV around. So if you try it, make sure that yours is hydrodynamic. :smiley:
Attaching it to the clump weight is a good idea, though it would be harder to keep it pointed at the ROV.
I agree that being able to see your ROV from third person view wold be very helpful!