Cloud9 Permissions?


A quick one i hope - I can access the cloud 9 IDE with no problems and access the files on the BBB, but after editing i cannot save any of them. I get a HTTP error [4]:403 Forbidden.

I am using the File-Open dialogue, then entering the filename i want to edit in order to open files.. Not sure if this makes a difference.

Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong.

Also, does someone plan on writing a how-to for using cloud9 for simple stuff in the context of OpenROV for those not so familiar with programming (like me!). I am still a little hazy on how the files are recompiled after editing.

Thanks in advance!



I am not familiar with cloud9 but I suspect it's a permission issue. You need to have root privs to modify any files on the BBB. I use Putty and SSH into the BBB. once logged in I use the "sudo vi" editor cmd. This will prompt you for the root password which is OpenROV which then gives you the privs to change and save files.


My thoughts as well.

I have been editing files in the way you say (SSH and vi) for a while - but i wanted to try the cloud9 environment as vi is a bit of a pain.. But i'm just not sure how you change the permissions from within cloud9..