Clockwise and counter-clockwise props


I’m assuming that, for example when we have two props for moving forward/backwards, they turn in opposite directions to each other to avoid a net force (centrifugal) in one direction and that that’s the reason for two types of props?

If that’s the case then why are the horizontal props in the 2nd and 3rd diagrams here not configured in that way ?


I think the two props are solely to provide yaw. Water is giving enough resistance (+ high center of buoyancy) to prevent roll movement from the spinning forces you mention. (Also, i think they have to spin in the same direction to prevent that unless they are along the same axis)


Thanks mail1, they look like they’re for forward/reverse motion since they face front/back, i thought.



I’m not sure what you’re referring to in your original post. In both vectored frames, thrusters 1&2 counteract the torque of thrusters 3&4 when you’re moving forwards.



Oh yes! Thanks Walt, i get tunnel-vision sometimes and was just focusing on one pair, i see now.