Cleaning out uncured Epoxy


While trying to pot my endcaps last week, I found the epoxy I was using didn’t mix properly and therefore didn’t cure. I injected it into the endcaps and now I just have a smelly, sticky mess. As it turns out, this isn’t a bad thing because the epoxy was the wrong kind anyway. What I had put in there was not appropriate for “prolonged immersion”.

Anyway, Does anyone have any suggestions on getting it back out? I’d hate to have to throw out my battery pods and start from scratch (especially as my earliest opportunity to use the laser cutter is more than a week away.)


I had the epoxy run down the tubes and set and impede the batteries from loading and unloading easily, I ordered replacement tubes. I plan to use the older ones for storing the batteries. Good Luck


Did you end up finding out a fix for your problem. I had the same thing happen. I used Devcon 2 ton but not in a flow mix and tried mixing it by hand and it did not work.


I did not - there isn’t really a good solution that wouldn’t damage the acrylic. IIRC, I just laser-cut the pieces again. :frowning:


Ok thank. I have made new end caps the encapsulate the end to solve the problem but wanted to get the gunk out of the tubes. Acetone might work but it’s nasty stuff and might do more damage than good. The flow mix injector for the two part epoxy are hard to find. I wish I had bought 4 when I had found them.


FWIW, I was in TAP Plastics the other day and saw that they offer mixing tubes/nozzles that look like they would fit the recommended epoxy.