Claw wiring problems


Hey there,
So I’ve been having trouble with figuring out a solution to being able to use a servo motor and a bilge pump for 2 dof of a claw.

The servo is used to open and close the claw, and the bilge pump motor is used to turn the claw around 360 degrees. However, when the claw is rotated around, the servo wires get dragged along. I need the bilge pump motor to be able to rotate many times, but I most definitely need the functionality of opening and closing the claw.

Any solutions?


You want to hook your wires up to a slipring. Adafruit have:


Is this waterproof? I’ve looked up waterproof slip rings but they all seem extremely expensive.


No, your going to have to find a way to waterproof it yourself, maybe by inserting them into your claw design or something similar. We had some sliprings custom made from the original manufacturer who make the Adafruit ones, but they are only IP65 rated so they won’t work for your application, not by their own right at least.