Class Projects - Individual & Collaborative


This thread is meant to serve as a repository for class projects. I'd be interested to hear both what you're planning to do as an individual class (water quality, species ID, working with local Fish & Game departments, etc) as well as collaborative projects that we can all work together on (like Global Ocean Sampling Day).

What are you working on?


To OpenROV Community,

My name is Jason Pipkin and I am a STEM teacher in Metlakatla Alaska. Our small island has about 300 students k-12 on Alaska’s only Native Reservation. As we continue to seek engaging curriculum for our students we came across OpenROV.

Working with David Lang and partnering with our local Fish and Wildlife Department our students are working to build a submersible for fish monitoring. On a small island that relies on the fishing industry, quality and consistent monitoring is critical. Using an ROV will allow professionals to do aspects of their job faster, cheaper and safer. Our students are learning math and science standards while developing a passion for STEM careers.

Our project started with a lengthy report outlining the project scope and build. Teaming up with Austin Lord, our Industrial Arts teacher, the students have access to his wealth of knowledge and a full shop. Today our student are soldering, wiring and gluing there way to a functioning ROV that will serve as a proof of concept for our Fish and Wildlife department. The herring are on there way back to the spawning grounds around our Island so we are working hard to be ready.

A big thank you to the OpenROV team and David. The sprit you captured with your company is contagious. Thank you so much for this opportunity and inspiration. We will keep you posted on our progress…..

I would love to hear how other schools are incorporating this technology.

Jason Pipkin


Hello to the OpenROV community.

I teach Environmental Science and Biology at Oakland High School, an inner city public high school. My classes are offered as part of a California Career Partnership Academy program. For 15 years, our students have monitored basic water quality and organisms weekly at Lake Merritt, a tidal lagoon in the middle of the heavily urbanized area -- but we have never seen up close what lives at the bottom of the lake or how different micro-habitats and management conditions affect the aquatic community.

Our OpenROV project was designed to give my students the opportunity to design a mission for an ROV in the lake. It will allow them to take what they know about the lake and, using their own curiosity and ingenuity, expand that knowledge with STEM principles. It will provide the challenge and satisfaction of working with mentors and each other to build the vehicle themselves. The skills gained will help them enter technology careers and inspire them to become the next generation of explorers and innovators.

We received our OpenROV kit last week and began building as an after school project. David Lang even came out to my classes to meet the students and show them a completed ROV. Momentum is building, and I am working long hours coordinating facilities, volunteers, materials, and keeping one step ahead of students in the building instructions. I look forward to learning from others in the education community about best ways to carry this off.

I am very grateful to David Lang, OpenROV, and the Paul Allen Family Foundation for their generous donation of the OpenROV kit and chance to become part of the OpenROV community.

Below is a picture of my students proudly showing off their first task, building the internal structure.

Katie Noonan


Casey Shea - OpenROV build with Donors Choose - has a great website and build log going with his students - check it out below! He says "I have a group of capable students working on the ROV and have only had to give limited input, but am keeping an eye on their progress. Today they had all three motors working as expected, after discovering that they had them wired incorrectly to begin. They have been keeping a build log and taking photos along the way." Here are the links :

Build log:

Update with photos:

Please let me know if you have trouble opening the links.


Casey Shea


We put our OpenROV in the ocean for the first time last Tuesday. We were thrilled to see the ocean floor and see that the vehicle maneuvered appropriately . We noticed fogging after about 5 minute dive. We took on a small amount of seawater during 2nd submersion, and took the vehicle out, rinsed and dried electronics immediately. Keep fingers crossed.

We received upgrade requests from 2nd DonorsChoose and are looking forward to using them.

I was on the news about 2nd donation, and they included the videoclip above.


Thanks for sharing! This was a great news clip! Great to see your progress!