Chuck ROV build


I finally finished my ROV! It’s name came from a running joke from a Biology class and stuck! Loosely named after Charles Darwin.

I used the 2.8 Dev Kit and have it up and running.
I took it on it’s first dive in the Puget Sound!
I got great video and everything worked stunningly! The external light cubes and IMU I had no issues with at all! The only hiccup was that I lost not one, not two, but three propellers. The water was a bit choppy so I think next time I will drop it in a better area.

I had to also move the tether, I don’t know what I was thinking and it kept getting caught, since moving it my tests in the pool have been much more successful.

My plan is to print a shell so to speak to go around the frame, and add some more weight because I noticed it was a bit too buoyant. I also need to somehow construct a tilt mechanism for the servo and camera. So if anyone has a suggestion feel free to chime in!!!

I used a blue robotics WEC and maker beam for the frame, the camera is a logitech C920.
any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! Thank you to the OpenROV forum community for all the help! I could not have done it without you all!


Congratulations! Great work!

I can easily imagine that you lost a lot of propellers with this design. The thruster are very exposed at the side of the vehicle. So it is very likely that the propellers will get stuck for example by debris or by a nearby obstacle. They then draw themselves of the thrusters (this happened to me as well). I would strongly recommend to built a flush housing for those propellers to protect them. This could also be accomplished with the shell that you are planning to built.

What do you mean with “move the tether”? I would agree that is hard to use that tether in a rough environment as it gets stuck occasionally. You might look into the various threads here on the forum to change the tether buoyancy. Good luck!


Well done, that looks fab. sorry to hear about the props. I found that it improved the tether by putting it into a cheap polypropylene rope. You can haul on it without worry and its a bit more buoyant.
Any video to show?