ChromeBook Setup


Let's say theoretically that a non-programmer wanted to get a Chromebook hooked up to an OpenROV. To set up a static IP address and ping the rov it looks like the best free terminal app is called SecureShell. Has anyone been using this platform?


This is a good question!! We're going to start testing a chromebook model here in lab. What chromebook did you get??


I picked up an HP chromebook because that's what Costco carries and I'm fond of their great drop/spill/13-year-olds-near-salt-water-and-robots policy. From the reviews it looks like the samsung Chromebooks may be a better choice, but not available at Costco.

Here's the one I picked up:,-Bilingual,-Intel%C2%AE-Celeron%C2%AE-2955U.product.100112927.html#product-tab1

It has no built in ethernet port and requires an adaptor.


Hi - how did this chromebook issue get resolved? I’d like to run my new openROV 2.7 from a chromebook but cant figure out how to get it to find the device.



i ve bought an asus chromebook flip, and i can t connect chrome to the cockpit :frowning:
ping works, but when i http it, connection refused, but i can access using another pc

very furstratig cause i got my fpv hd glasses working, , xbox controller working, all i need to get is access to the cockpit, any help?

thxx for your time