Chrome updates keep causing OpenROV grief

I have a much customized version of OpenROV that I have been using for several years now. I find that about once a year or so a Chrome update breaks something. Last year the gamepad controller support broke and a thread on this forum helped me figure out a fix.

The latest is what appears to be something with sockets in version 80+ of Chrome basically breaks all communications between the UI and the hardware. It may have happened earlier but I just updated Chrome from version 76 and experienced the failure

I am about to “dive” into this but if anyone has any ideas or clues that would be great!



Have you gotten in touch with michael.bouchaud here on the Forum?

Take a look at this thread where michael corrected the gamepad controller issue last year…



Thanks. Yes. I used his hint to point me to allow me tom develop a more complete solution that I shared with him for the gamepad controller. But now something new!