Chesapeake Explorers Youtube Channel

Greetings enthusiasts!

I hope you are all well and taking good care of you families, friends, and neighbors.

We here on the Chesapeake has started a YouTube channel for science education and exploration for the Chesapeake bay region. This is a trial and first take on this effort, so it’s a little rough, but having fun doing it!

Each episode will detail something interesting about the Bay, introduce a COTS or DIY kit that citizen scientists can use to go out and explore the Bay or wherever they are, and show a deployment adventure. The first episode is cut a bit unfortunately do to covid, but we plan on modifying the series to keep up the enthusiasm for exploration and learning using the ROV, ASV, and other tools.

We plan on covering as many topics as we can. Please send me suggestions, comments, etc if you are so inclined.

I wish you all the best and stay healthy and mindful.



Wow, great project. I love the idea round a revisit of Gilbert Klingels observations and learning more about his original work, already found plenty of links on him so that will keep me occupied over the weekend, so thanks for that ! Look forward to more updates over on Youtube, subscribed and following.

All the best. Stay safe.

Thank you for the kind words! Hope to have at least 1 episode per month with visits to various sites and organizations around the bay area.

@binary42 Great Project! I enjoyed seeing you assemble your autonomous surface vehicle. I’d like to see more on that. I’m currently designing one to send off to explore the Narragansett Bay here in RI. I’d love to see more on the design of your electronics and software.

I’m also interested in why you chose the Garmin Echomap 44cv. I was looking at getting the Garmin STRIKER™ Plus 9sv, but any insight you can offer on the quality of the sonar and sidescan of the Garmin products would be appreciated.


Hi Jim
Nice work!
Can you send some detail of the structure that you used to drop down the TRIDENT?
Greetings from Argentina

Hi Michael,

Thanks! As for the Garmin, it’s what I’ve had for a year or so and at the time, cost. I jsut started getting into what you can do with the sport fishing sonars, and I am pretty amazed. The downchirp gave good images while we were looking for a revolutionary war archaeological site dig site. We’ll talk about that in the next episode or the 3rd one. Not sure yet.

I am looking to upgrade to a sidescan soon.

Thanks again,


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Thanks! Yes. I have some rough hand drawing that I need to CAD up and photos of the prototype. It’s rough but it worked. Room for much improvement. I’ll send photos soon.



Additional photos of the prototype. Using simple pulley for the tether run. Works decently enough.

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