Chesapeake Bay SMART Bay ARC


Greetings enthusiast,

I hope to find you all well. It has been some time.

I and a small team of like minded individuals are putting together an outreach initiative(s) here in the Chesapeake Bay area and we need help!

I started an initiative recently, SMART Bay ARC, that I have been tailoring as an education outreach and technology demonstration program for citizen scientists and students. Teaming with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, this pilot program intends to

  1. Engender community engagement in the Bay area, (the entire water shed included…it’s big, look it up) by using novel unmanned and autonomous systems technologies for assessment and monitoring.
  2. Inject key transformational technology prototypes and products for next gen data gathering missions in hopes of interfacing with IOOS, CBIBS, VECOS, etc…(I’m not defining them in order to encourage you to look them up)
  3. Educate and infuse aerial and marine technologies for the betterment of local community conservationists, enhance economic workforce (land/marine agriculture, fisheries) and to inform policy.
  4. Have a hell of a lot of fun.

Anyone that lives in, on, or near the Chesapeake Bay watershed, or anyone who just wants to help, please contact me and I can give you the full review of the project, goals and higher arching strategy.

I will also be setting up the campaign in OpenExplorer soon, as well as a webpage, and will post the link(s) when appropriate. But I need help.

Thanks again, and be seeing you under the water!

Jim N.

p.s. SMART Bay ARC (Strategic Mobilization of Autonomous Research Technologies for Bay Assessment, Restoration, and Conservation)



Greetings Enthusiasts,

We have the open explorer page up for the Chesapeake Bay project. Also, finally got the Trident! Love it!

Explorer Page:



Jim N.


Greetings Enthusiasts!

We had a few minutes before a meeting at the Virginia Aquarium and decided to take the Trident for a spin. Though the water was very murky, we took a look at a few the pier and found a nice little blue crab. Take a look at the last minute or so of the below video.

We will be running through our Blue Robotics BlueROV 1.5 kit this weekend as well. We’ll post more as we go.

Stay tuned for project updates as we are awaiting pitch results from Here Be Dragons symposium and ideathon we attended at MIT Media labs.

Additionally, we have good news for the Bay! The new federal budget signed not hours ago restored funding to the Bay program!

This is great news, and now we hope to continue helping the Bay. Hopefully, we’ll supplement the program with this great opportunity to for outreach and innovation!


Greetings Enthusiasts!

Some updates, things going very well out here in the Chesapeake. If you’d like to see more videos, please check out the Open Explorer page. I’ve also been doing some hydrophone work.

Container ship of Fort Munroe beach:

Blue Crabs and possible cetacean call?: