Checklist: Burning an image to an SD card on OSX via the command-line


Push an image to the SD Card

  1. sudo bash

  2. diskutil list

  • Note the disks already installed
  1. install the SD card in to the computer

  2. diskutil list

  • The new disk in the list should be the SD card you just installed, note the # for use below
  1. diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk

  2. dd if=<path/filename>.img of=/dev/rdisk bs=2m

Failure in Burning OpenROV Suite v30.0.3 ROV FLASH image (Released Oct 7 2015)
Troubleshooting my 2.6/2.7

How do you do step 3 in the command line?


Oh you just mean insert the card into the computer. Got it. Cool.


The best way I’ve found is using some of the raspberry pi tools. Something like pi-baker makes it trivial to burn an image to an SD Card and to also make backups.


On step 5 you’ll need to include the whole path to the file, so in my case it’s:

dd if=/Users/arteyu/Desktop/OpenROV-2.5.1-108.img of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=2m

This took my computer about 5 minutes, so you have time to go and make a cup of coffee:

950+0 records in
950+0 records out
1992294400 bytes transferred in 383.240075 secs (5198554 bytes/sec)


Here is a link to the step by step guide to flash a new software image onto the BeagleBone Black.


Great, thank you Brian, we’ll add this to our workshop in April


This is now a full-blown nightmare. I get to the point where it says blah blah bytes transferred in so many seconds. Then I get an error message saying "This disk is unreadable by this computer, Initialize? so I do that. Then I put the card into the BBB and power up and the four blue lights don’t flash, they are solid.
So I’ve tried the same again only formatting as FAT32, same thing, no flashing lights.
I’ve spent 5 hours on this now and I’m thoroughly sick of it.
Have you missed any steps in the Mac OSX instructions?


Should the card be formatted as OS Journaled or FAT32?


See the post by @spiderkeys on your other post.