Charging LED Issue


Since I received my Trident only three of the four green charging LEDs illuminate. Looking down at the back from port to starboard the first, second and fourth. LEDs are lit but the third (75% charged indicator) never lights after charging. Today I have had the charger on for a few hours and now only the first two green LEDs (50%) are illuminated. Thinking maybe it’s got a bad internal battery pack? It’s only been on three shallow dives less than 2 hrs total dive time. Software says up to date with latest. Thanks Rob


Just had this happen with mine, figured out the trident cable was slightly loose from the wall charger, so the Trident was acting like it was on instead of charging, double check your plugs at the wall and the transformer pack and see if that fixes it.


Thanks, my charger was loose, but still missing one (third) green LED
(O O ? O) so still not sure what’s going on.