Chargers trust fire europe


I am searching for chargers in Germany… And found identical chargers in your web store…I think…

Are these ok for the lifepo cells…? Just switch them to 3V…
Because the specs are not mentioning the lifepo cells…

Thank you



The TR 011 says nothing about LiFePO4 charging so i would guess it is not capable to do so. The TR 008 should work from what i can tell :slightly_smiling:


I read some test about the trust fire, which are not so convincing…
I found this one for 2 cells…and it looks it is far better…

Happy new Year



we’re using the Trustfire TR-006, and when we go to Faires, demos and stuff they are often running non-stop charging batteries on a continous basis, with no problems so far.
The TR-008 is nice with a screen that will tell you the process status, and they take 3 batteries in a go, so you only need to lug around 2 chargers in stead of 3. But at the higher cost, I’ll stick with the TR-006 for now.