Changing gamepad settings in the cockpit



I am very new to this and I am now trying to set up my OpenROV to run wirelessly by a nano router (as per the "community hack" here on the site) and controlled by a Logitech F710. It seems to work fine except the gamepad settings in the cockpit are a bit off. I can see what the settings are, but how do I change those?

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Mapping keyboard controls to xbox controller:

To be clearer: I get control of the vertical motor and forward/backwards on the horizontal axis of left and right stick, respectively. So all I am trying to do is to change the controls to more intuitive ones. But I can´t find any way to change the input settings.



Hey Kristian,

I have not tried the 710, but the symptoms are consistent with other Logitech gamepads that are in the wrong mode. If you have a Direct/Xbox with on the back, try toggling it.



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I can only get it to respond at all if it is in the "D" mode - not in "X" mode. That seems to be what most people have been working with as well - based on the limited info I have managed to find.


Are you running on Windows or a Mac? The Mac needs direct mode, the windows needs Xbox. Are you using Google Chrome?


I am on a mac, and the results are the same with firefox, chrome and safari...


Hey Kristian,

For some reason when I read this the first time, the point you made of just wanting to change the mappings went in one ear and out the other :-(. Okay, so to your question:

The right way to currently remap the gamepad settings is to create a plugin. You can copy the tank control plugin as an example:

The only difference is that the tankcontrol actually is adding logic in how to process the change in control values, where you just want to copy and paste the controls that already exists in the src/plugins/rovpilot/public/rovpilot.js file and just swap the mappings in the default property.

If you wanted to swap the throttle and lift between gamepad sticks it would look like:

name: "kristian.rovPilot.moveThrottle",
description: "Set throttle via axis input.",
defaults: { gamepad: 'RIGHT_STICK_Y' },
axis: function (v) {
rov.cockpit.emit('rovpilot.setThrottle', -1 * v);


name: "kristian.rovPilot.moveLift",
description: "Bring the ROV shallower or deeper via axis input.",
defaults: { gamepad: 'LEFT_STICK_Y' },
axis: function (v) {
rov.cockpit.emit('rovpilot.setLift', -1 * v);


i have the same problem, left is forward forward is left etc. The plugin referenced doesnt seam to be avialable anymore?

is there a solution to this problem? re mapping the controle i mean.


Another possible solution is just to use a joystick remapper application. There are lots of them out there, mostly used by gamers. Here’s one I found that might work:


thx i will try that remaker option