Changes to design


Power connector on electronics platform for DC voltage. I used 2 4 terminal strips. see attached

The servo, HS-65MG, listed in the parts list was smaller than the cut out in the plexiglass (OpenROV_Dev_Laser_Vector_Blue (Compact), so I changed the drawing and recut the side end so it would fit. see attached

the camera Lifecam HD-5000 that I bought at Staples was rectangler not round, changed the drawing and recut the plexiglass holding the camera and lights. see attached

2003-elecconnector.JPG (140 KB) 2004-elecservoend.JPG (101 KB) 2005-camerawithUSBjpg.jpg (103 KB)


I think the servo still listed in the part list is not the one used for the design any more, also the camera is not the one used for the official laser cutting layouts.

It would be great if you could do a drawing (or annotated picture) of the connections for the DC voltage connectors: this is still something we are finding the best way of doing. And maybe add it to the wiki, or post it here and I'll add to the wiki.


Attached is a picture of a bare connector and one with the pins hooked together on the bottom with a piece of bare wire solder on them.

The one I used is CAL-B85-4B from caltronics. I have a box of them on the shelf. So it was easy to do. I scratched up the plexiglass surface before I hot glued them to the electronics assembly.

I am no wondering if I should have used a 5 position strip so the computer board could also tie into the power?

I also included a picture of the completed battery tubes using my o-ring idea.



attached is the revised Autocad drawing for the end plate with the smaller servo in the parts list that I used and a PDF of it

2006-revisedservoendplateModel1.pdf (7.5 KB)