Change control keys


It is possible change keys that run the motors ?

I have a problem with shift key, I think that winXP intercept key, so it is very difficult control rov's vertical motor.




Hi Saverio,

There is no UI to change the key configuration at the moment.

But you can directly change the key in the file /opt/openrov/src/plugins/rovpilot/public/js/rovpilot.js

(the full source for it is here:

Around line 102 we setup the key mapping.




Thank you very much for info. I saw the code, it is simple change keycode.

I thinked to change rovpilot.js by SSH connection to bash interface on rov, but I didn't find the file.

Can I edit file with "sudo pico.... " or I need follow other method ?

Can you say me the path of rovpilot.js on rov ?




The file would be under /opt/openrov/src/plugins/rovpilot/public/js/rovpilot.js

That is, if you have the current version of the cockpit.

What Version of OpenROV are ou building and what image did you use?




I downloaded OpenOV-2.5_05.img.

In opt/openrov/src there are four files:



lib (dir)

static (dir)



Ok, that means you don't have to latest version of the cockpit.

in this case, the mapping is in src/static/js/keypad.js.

We're working on a new image with the latest version of the cockpit.

If you have connected your ROV to an router and therefore to the internet, you can execute:

cd /opt/openrov
sudo /etc/init.d/openrov stop
sudo git pull origin master
sudo /opt/node/bin/npm install
sudo reboot

and after the device started again

sudo /opt/openrov/linux/arduino/



I found the code, modified file and reload, Lift run good now on key 88 (X)thank's.

About new image, can I download it and write on microSD ?

I follow this method last time.


As soon as we release the new version, yes.

Keep an eye on the blog (front page of


Ok, great support, many thank's.