Cape hardware design change still possible?


just on question according to the schematic of the cape.
I know that the forst version of the cape is done, but i
request a small design change.

Change the camera servo pin SERVO4 from pin 5 PD03(INT1) to pin 6 PD04 of the atmega328.
Pin 4 and 5 of the Arudino are the standard i2c port,
so i suggest to use this pins for i2c and another pin for the servo.

I know there are libraries to user other pins, but why use a software lib, that is not finished yet, when a simple hardware change can avoid that.

Ist the google list the right place for such a request?
I put this request in the forum too.



Hey Rob

Eric and David are working on the design of the cape. I got a prototype and that has solder points for I2C that should connect to the Arduino I2C pins.

Once the cape design is done, they will publish updated files on github.




Hi Dominik,

and how should people who didn't recieve a prototype go on?

Isn't the development branch on github the proper place for showing the latest develoments and ideas?

One can work on the software if he knows the hardware.

So is the right way when one goes his own way in hardware development?

I'm a bit surprised about this approach.




The main project drivers, Eric and David are very busy preparing all the things for the Kickstarter packages right now.
Once everything is ready, they will have time to put everything online.
Once that is done, you will be able to order a Beagleboard Cape as well.

If you want to produce one by your own in the meantime, the right approach is to ask here in the forum about the state and I’m sure we can get you the needed files. The thing is, the first version of the cape is still under development and if we put something online that doesn’t work.

So far, the people who build their ROV participate here and on the wiki and that works great. If you have any input on the software or the hardware, feel free to contact us here or participate on the wiki.



Hey Robert,

VERY sorry about this. My number one goal over the next few days is getting this cleared up and making it easier to catch up on everything and contribute. More very soon!

Again, apologies for it being a bit sloppy at the moment.




SHAME on me ...

i mixed up the AD Numbers with the pin numbers.

Maybe because for all Arudinos they show Pin numbers,
except for UNO where they show the functional
description (A4 (SDA), A5 (SCL)) of the pin.

A BIG sorry for that!

The doc is from the wiki on the arudino website

and one german arudino book/bookblog