Cape board


I have sent several emails asking about getting a Cape board (to I even ordered one. I have asked to be emailed back and never see anything about delivery. What is the possibility of getting one? It is all I need to test serial number 241. I also plan on 3D printing an endcap out of ABS plastic.



Hey John,

I'm very sorry! I haven't seen any of the emails! That's not good - I wonder why they haven't come through.

Your cape is in the mail. I'll send you a tracking number ASAP. From now on, is the quickest way in.



I cannot answer for the emails, but the capes ordered from the site now is stated to ship in february.

A 3D printed endcap sounds really cool! do you have your own 3d printer? whats the accuracy on it? can you get smooth enough faces for the o-ring grooves?


Agreed! I'm very eager to see the endcap. We've often talked about using a lathe, but the cost and speed of the laser cut parts always trumped our ambition. What about 3D printed endcaps for the battery packs? John, how are the double o-ring battery pack endcaps working so far?


thanks for the quick reply. I have been checking everyday for the Cape board.

I have 2, not so good 3D printers, a Fab@Home designed by Cornell with a MakerBot head and a very used Stratasys FDM3000. The FDM3000 has a tip with a diameter of .012 in. and puts down a layer of .01 in.

Both print ABS plastic. So I don't know how strong the end cap would be. I can always print one and you can test it.

I have never had my OpenROV in the water yet, to test the battery endcaps.


I started printing an endcap and stopped on Sunday.

The pdf of the Inventor file is attached. I changed the end with no wires to be more closed and solid.

I let it print for 5 1/2 hours and the 3D printer was telling me it would take close to 13 hours.

I would be better off printing the battery endcaps or a prop, if someone has a 3D model of it.

It is much easier to use the laser cutter and glue the pieces together