Cant get Labview to work with ROV


Hi, I have a labview program running with a arduino which connects to the ROV. Whenever i open labview it shows the following error:

Missing labview tools network addon.

What do i do?


Hi there.
Which version of Labview are you running? And are you running an exe file or are you running it under the LV development system?



the latest labview (labview 2015) and im a running a exe file. I had the labview arduino pack downloaded through VI package manager. Thanks


Just a thought but have you got the LabView 2015 runtime engine installed?


Can you send me a link to it. I can only find labview run time engine 8.5 from like 5 years ago. Is it now built in?


You have to install it on the target system.
The Windows version is here
The Linux version is here
I hope this will solve the problem. I think it might.