Cannot use autopilot and read laser distance on openrov 2.8



Hi, I cannot use autopilot by pressing keyboard “m” because the rov begins to turn around itself and loses all the directions I try to give for a short time. I have to wait for a while before controlling it again but, in every case, I cannot insert autopilot option and this is a problem to hold heading of course.
Another problem occurs when I put lasers on because they turn on with red light but can’t get any distance indication on the screen.

Can anybody give me some tip?


Do you have the IMU module installed on your OpenROV? That’s needed to have depth and heading hold work.

As to the lasers, they just project two parallel red dots into the distance, so that you can estimate the size of objects that you see in the camera. One of our community members made a software plug-in that would estimate distance to objects, based upon the position of the spots on the camera. Obviously, this only works if you have the plug-in installed.



Hello Walt, thanks for answering me.
I have installed Imu module on the rov ( with Pro camera, with the new release of software) infact depth hold works without problems. I cannot make the head hold working, and don’t know why.

I am not very skilled on compass too…May be my questions for you are so obvious but I have no knowledge of navigation and everything is hard for me to grab.
I calibrate the compass by rotating the rov untill the right code appears on the geomux screen, and than? I dive the rov and drive it for a while but when I want to insert autopilot and I press the “m” keyboard, my rov loses control and turn around in circle ( like spinning).
I read that there are two compass : the first thing to do is to calibrate to the north by twirling and rotating the rov before plunging it but is this compss enough to pilot or I have to insert the Gyroscopic one when thrusters start working?
How can I toggle from MAGNETIC to GYROSCOPIC?
What I need to do to pilot? It’s making me crazy!!!

I have seen a video and I thought that I would have had the distance writtten on the screen. You wrote I need a plugin. Can I have it ?
If I can’t, how can I understand the size? I just can suppose it…is it?

Is there a way to know the distance between my rov and something I see by the camera to avoid crashing against?

Please, have patience with me… I like a deal my rov but I’m getting crazy on, I 'd need to know the basic notions…
Thanks in advance…