Can this be used for UV navigation?



Anyone looked into LIDAR for navigation??

This is cheap stuff


Hi Casten

Yep some sort of point cloud generator for the surrounding area would be nice (either laser as in your example of via acoustics [for greater distances])

My take that the Lidar units coming out of robotic vacuum cleaners is that they are quite interesting and basically utilising the physics as outlined by @Ion here

It may take a far bit to marinise the unit you linked to but some semi customised scanning unit may be possible. Although for a ROV I am not sure if horizontal rotational unit is the best take as if objects are “below the horizon” they would not be seen, some fan style unit (say horizontal to down vertically below the ROV) might be more appropriate.

Also remember the range would be quite limited by power of the laser and visibility


Have a look at some of the big boy toys for a few dreams and thoughts