Can someone sell me a homeplug adapter v.1?


Ok, since I bought all the parts independently and my homeplug adapter happened to be v.2, I can not start building my rov. So I wonder if someone who has a bunch of v.1 homeplug adapters is willing to sell one to me?




Hey Joel,

Can you e-mail We can probably trade you.



Hey. I sent a mail to, but I did not get any answer. I live in Sweden so I guess that is a little bit of a problem, but I am willing to pay for the homeplug adapter and postage. So please contact me.

Anyone else that can sell me an homeplug adapter v.1 is also welcome to contact me!


Joel should be taken care of for anybody reading this.


hi Joel
if you have not obtained the old ver of HOME PLUG ADAPTER PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I just bought new ones thinking I was going to get v2 but I ended up with v1 So I could make a trade. I wanted the v2 for the new 2.6 control bd I just rec’d let me know.



Actually, HQ have already sent me a pair of v.1 adapters, which I received today.

Thank you anyway.