Can Openrov carry Kinect into water?


Our team decide to use Kinect and Openrov for 3D reconstruction, but WE Do not sure that whether it is able to carry this heavy payload underwater. Please give me some advice. Thank u a lot!

My ROV for college project

Oh, it should be capable of carrying the sensor, provided you can find a way to either fit it in the tube or waterproof it and get the cable safely to the processor. However, you’ll probably find that the IR sensor that the Kinect uses for depth won’t actually work underwater, since that frequency of light is quickly absorbed. See this picture:

As you can see, there is only a small band of light that penetrates much at all, and that happens to be in the purple-blue-green area of the visible spectrum, depending on what type of water body you’re in. Infrared light is severely attenuated, so the depth camera on the Kinect which is in the Near IR range won’t work very well, if at all, underwater.

However! I read around a little bit and found two things that might challenge my claim. There is a paper which purports to have used a Kinect to scan surfaces under the surface of the water from above water, though I don’t have access to it to read any more than its summary:

There is also some talk in the OpenKinect google group that mentions the possibility of changing the Kinect’s laser and IR filter to -possibly- make it work underwater, though it’s probably no easy task and you still probably won’t get very good results:!topic/openkinect/MyH9NPwFHOA

My suggestion is to check out using either a sonar sensor or stereocam setup to create depth maps for 3D mapping underwater. You can also use a single camera and photogrammetry techniques to achieve this as well. Check out this thread by @Scott_W:

USB Infra red camera

Any updates on using the Kinect for underwater mapping?