Can i use openRov to scan and detect fish traps?


hello there,
i am part of a non profit organization trying to save the fish population which is getting scatter here in the area

the problem:
fisher men use prohibited fishing tool called “garbor”, it basically works as a trap for fish, they get in but cant get out
they usually attach a buoy to it so they can located it later but with 100’s of them with the buoy getting lose, it has became a deathtrap for fish that can lasts decades

small fish gets in, gets trapped, then a larger one then a larger one that dies inside and the cycle repeat

now since they usually use it in shallow waters (less than 75m) i was wondering has it been done before that the openRov platform been used to autonomously scan the sea for fish traps ?

with regards


Ahmad, that is an interesting use case for an ROV. Out of curiosity, how are people scanning for these lost ‘garbor’ traps today?


Ahmad, that sounds excellent. Where are you? We are planning to search for “ghost nets” and debris, in Scotland.


these days there are popular fishing area’s with certain coordinates, so the volunteer diving teams scan the area occasionally there
with very low success rate


i am from Kuwait
most of the gulf region fishermen use this technique


Thanks Ahmad, I hope it goes very well.