Can I take OpenROV in water, if I do not spray "WD-40 specialist water resistant silicone" into motor


Can we spray whole inside motor?
Does we must spray every time when we take OpenROV inn water?


The OpenROV will function in the water if you do not spray the inside of the motor with lubricant/water disbursant. However, Since the winding armatures and magnets are exposed to the water, they will corrode in a very short time if you do not protect them with spray lubricant, especially if you are operating in salt water.

In order to get the most operational lifetime out of your motors you should rinse the ROV & especially the inside of the motors thoroughly after each day of use. This can be done with fresh, clean water. I usually immerse my ROV in a tub of fresh water and run the motors for a minute or so to make sure the inside of the motor is thoroughly flushed. I then allow the ROV to thoroughly dry. I spray the inside of the motors with a lubricant/water disbursant and then I’m ready to go for the next day of operations.

The motor winding armature is ferrous material and the magnets are usually Neodymium. Both of these materials are susceptible to corrosion in the presence of salt water and other oxidizing agents, so it is important to thoroughly clean the motor to remove salt and other materials. The lubricant will disburse any remaining water and form a protective coating over these parts to help prevent oxidation.

Additionally, the winding armature and magnets can be pre-treated with a protective enamel coating during the motor modification and assembly phase of the ROV build. There are several options which have been tried. I prefer to coat my motors (inside) with a very fine layer of spray enamel.

Additional consideration should be given to the bearings of the motor assembly. These too will corrode after time. Spraying with lubricant after a thorough rinse will help prolong the usable life of these bearings. It should be noted that ceramic replacement bearings are available for these motors. These bearings are not susceptible to corrosion.

In conclusion - if you want your OpenROV motors to have a long service life, then YES you must thoroughly rinse these components after each day of use. Yes you should spray lubricant in to the motors in order to protect the internal components.

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Thank you. Ronald_Peters