Can I control my OpenRov with my Ipad and National Instrument software?



My name is Fernando and I'm trying to control my homemade openrov, this is for a project at the university, but i'm traying to control it with my ipad, Have been someone tried this before???


The only way to control this with an iPad (that I can think of) would be to connect a wireless router to the topside tether and connect to that through wifi. Unfortunately, the current software for the openROV does not support this, so you would have to edit the website for it to work.


Thank you SpringHalo
Can I abuse of your comment, do you have the software that the openrov use??
Can you share with me???



I don't know your background (software skills in particular) so it is difficult to answer. What I can say is that our ROV communicates over a tether using TCP/IP and has a wired Ethernet connection at the surface. The software stack is based on a web server running in the ROV communicating with a web client running in a browser on the surface typically running in a laptop. Since the entire project is opensource, you can follow links on this web site to view the software. It should be understandable to most sw developers (we can certainly reply to questions).

As Colin mentioned, to use a mobile device like the iPad, you will need a wireless router to establish a network connection to the ROV. At that point, you can try the Safari browser that the iPad uses along with the keypad controls. Some more work would be needed to use the gestures that the touch screen provides.

I don't know about the National Instruments sw (LabView on the iPad?). I would guess that someone familiar with this sw could write some code to connect to the web server in the ROV (which is based on Node.js) and interact with the simple text protocol that controls the Arduino sw. This would require strong software skills at this point.

I hope this explanation helps and maybe gives you a starting point to discuss further.



Though I know nothing of the OpenROV software...yet, here is a scheme I came up with using ROS (sorry the package is not available yet nor is it ported to the OpenROV)

1. android on a wifi to a laptop with the ethernet tether direct connection.

2. ros_java on the android, running either a imu translation node or touch based keyboard node controller to a topic publishing the control string, forward back ,etc

3. ros_java or standard ROS on the tether connected PC subscribing to the topic received via the wifi from the android tablet.

4. the PC then re-publishes via TCP/IP to the ROV or you publish to a translation node in running in ROS such that it maps to the beagle board or what not on the ROV via TCP/IP

One of these days I will get the cycles to do this. I think it would be a matter of a few hours to get a good port of ROS (for arm and other imbedded what nots) running on the ROV, allowing for this sort of high level sorcery.


I did a little bit of looking around and found this: Data Dashboard for LabView for the iPad ( ).

From what I can tell this application would let you create a dashboard on your iPad, which would need to talk to a labview application that exposes network published data from a LabView application (running on a laptop?). The LabView application would still have to interface with the OpenROV software via the TCP/IP connections to the Node.js application. So all in all there would be some interesting software development to make this work.