Can 2.7 motors be used with the 2.6


I am looking to get some replacement motors for my 2.6, but I cannot find the 2.6 motors anywhere. Will the motors for 2.7 and 2.8 work, and if not does anyone know where I can find some replacement 2.6 motors? Thanks!


The 2.6 and earlier OpenROVs used Hobbyking 2213N motors. Looking at Hobbyking’s website, they don’t seem to be in stock any more- they may not even be in production any more. A quick search on Ebay shows that there are some available there.

The motor we use on the 2.7/2.8 designs is not directly compatible- the bolt circle for mounting the motor is different. You might be able to drill some new holes in your existing robot, or maybe epoxy the new motor mounting plate to the existing 2.6 structure. You’ll just have to try it and see. If you find something that works, please post photos on the forum for other people to reference.

Another possibility is to contact OpenROV support (I think its just, reference this thread, and see if there are any old motors still in stock. We keep a limited number of spares of old designs in place for purposes like this, but I have no idea whether there is any stock of old motors- normally people have just gone to Hobbyking to buy replacements.


Thanks Walt. I have an other question.
Are the 2.6 openrov ESC compatible with the 2.8 motors? Enough capacity of current?


Hi @danykbas:

Yes, the 2.8 motors will actually draw a little less power than the 2.6 ones. So the original 2.6 ESCs should be no problem.