Camera works but nothing else does



Hi i’m new to the world of openrov and while i was building my rov (2.8) i ran across the problem of me being unable to control any functions of the rov. The camera works perfectly but nothing else seems to work.

I’ve checked through most of the wiring but nothing I found seemed to be the cause of this problem. Something strange i noticed is that i have a blinking btx light but the brx light is not blinking. Also, the lights on the esc’s are not on either. I’ve been searching the forums but i have been unable to find anything similar to my problem that actually fixed it.

If you’ve got any ideas i’d be glad to hear them.

Thank you


So what other LEDs are lit on your controller board?


If I remember correctly it had two other lights that were on, led6 and one
other one along with the btx led


Assuming that the main power light is on, and you’re connecting to the ROV through the homeplug adapter, then if the BRX led is not blinking it means that the controller board firmware is not running correctly. I would do a fresh download of the firmware from the BBB to the controller board (there’s a menu item in cockpit to do this), and see if that changes things. If that doesn’t work, contact tech support to get a hand from them.



Thanks for your help Walt.

We were able to reflash the BBB but we were unable to download anything
from the cockpit

We’ve been thinking that maybe one of the circuit boards shorted out what
is your thought on that


Hello Anthony,

This definitely sounds as though the firmware is not updated. I would recommend repeating the process:
re-installing the ROV flash image onto your SD card, rebooting the software onto your BBB, and again trying to update firmware. I know it is a little tedious but often times it simply takes another attempt for software and firmware updates to work.
In order to update your software and firmware please follow the instructions on this link:


Nima Torabi
OpenROV Support



If you are still unable to load firmware from the BBB to the controller board, make sure you capture a copy of the error messages that are generated in the process, and include a copy of that in your responses here or to tech support. That will help us determine what’s going on.