Camera USB connection


Just wondering if there is any need to have so much USB cable coiled up on board with the electronics ? Is there any problem with shortening the camera USB cable and splicing it to the shorter white right-angle USB cable ?


Hi Arthur:

I'm not aware of any problem with shortening the cable, I think the current instructions are just a reflection of the fact that not every builder is comfortable with the idea of splicing little 28ga wires, especially if a failure means spending $80 or so on a replacement camera. On the other hand, some people like me find all the extra cable to be a bit ridiculous- it takes up a lot of space in the electronics tube, and adds weight as well that is definitely not needed by the vehicle.

In my case, I've already taken a camera and stripped it out of its case, down to the bare board. I don't really see any reason to carry the weight and bulk of the case along, though I might keep the front half of the case in order to better mount up to the plastic structure. While it's a bit nerve racking to crack open a working camera, in the end it's actually quite easy. Maybe I'll post some pictures of the task if folks are interested. I'm waiting on splicing in the right-angle USB adapter until I see how everything is going to fit.



Walt, Arthur,

there is already a thread on this topic here showing the procedure.

It's indeed very easy to remove the long (black) camera cable and solder the short (white) one with the right-angle-connector directly to the camera.