Camera upgrade kit optics/resolution options




I’m would like to know if there has been any testing of the camera upgrade kit running at 2688 x 1520 ?I see from the data sheet that it is a possible resolution fro the OV4689, and some references to that in the geo-video stuff in the dev github. The other thing is I can’t seem to find much on how the gc6500 integrates, aside from a couple of binary firmware files and uvcvideo module references. Is the gc6500 firmware open?
I’m looking at some structure from motion/phtogramettery applications and would appreciate finer grained control over the camera. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with driver code though!



With respect to the optics of the corrective lense through the port, are there any baseline parameters for lense correction? I have an agisoft photoscan license, and the parameters i’d be looking for are


We have not tested yet. Technically it is possible, but not at 30fps. We can create a configuration file to enable the ability and we can make that configuration open to everyone. Unfortunately we don’t have documentation on what those settings need to be that we can distribute. If you would like to try it I’m happy to kick it up to our vendor to generate the config file.

The gc65000 firmware (inside the camera) is closed. With a small modification to the standard linux uvc-driver, the camera presents itself as a standard UVC video camera. All of the settings that can be changed in the camera via the UVC interface are made available in the file below:

Great question. These are all numbers we are interested in getting as well to dial in the image. I’ll have to ask our vendor if they can calculate them for us.


Thanks for the response. When I actually get my hands on it I’ll play around with different configs.
Re: Calibration, I realised that the Lens software included with photoscan can be used with a printed calibration chessboard, which means I don’t have to figure out how to take my monitor underwater! Once I’m up and running I’ll post some examples of calibration parameters.


Also, perhaps issues #551 and #553 can be solved by using the force_iframe command from the api as video starts.