Camera Tilt Problems


I have been having issues with the camera tilt mechanism. I have already stripped two servos and am down to my last spare servo. I am going to add washers to the mount to help it go up and down smoothly. However, I noticed some misalignment that could be adding to my problem.

The first one I noticed is that the controller board is not flush with its mount. This could be cause by the two braces not being exactly perpendicular to the mount and is pushing the board. It could also be that not every side is mounted down with a screw.

The next misalignment is with the actual mounting braces not being parallel to each other and are not perpendicular to the mounting of the controller board. This might be pushing on the mount for the camera and inevitably causing the servos to strip. Is this my problem or would adding washers be the only thing I need to fix?

(I added masking tape to the bottom photo to make it easier to see on camera)

This photo shows that the two acrylic pieces are not exactly 90 degrees perpendicular.


There's a couple of things you could try.

1-acrylic cement is also a solvent, you can use it to loosen the joint sometimes and make sure that the arms are parallel.

2-using some spacers or bushing stock you can prop up the control board so it doesn't push on the acryilc. also, there's no reason to have this tightened all the way...loosen those nuts.

3-the same servo also comes with a metal can order it from servo city HS-81