Camera Tilt Indicator and Laser Installation Instructions


Hello Everyone,

So my ROV has been fully assembled and the ESC's have been calibrated and the Image has been installed. Everything is working great with exception to the camera tilt indicator. When the indicator show the camera is down, it is actually up and vise versa for when the camera is up. Centering works fine for the camera indicator. Is there a step that I possibly missed or is there a way to correct the angle indicator?

As to the lasers, are there build instructions for the installation and calibration of the lasers?

Thank you very much in advance for your help,



Hi Brian

I have not looked at the recent code but you can check to see if this is still located in the same directory. You mentioned that the camera tilt indicator is in reverse but I am not sure if the Q tilts it up for you and if Z tilts it down maybe it is a simple thing as reversing the connector for the servo

Camera Tilt Servo
cd /opt/openrov/src/lib
These values may have changed to get a wider range in movement so they may no longer be set at these values.
done in AudrinoPhysisc.js code currently set to -.7 & .7
You could try and reverse these values to +.7 & -.7 to reverse the servo movement.
I am currently using -1.0 & 1 so I could get more movement on the servo.
Hope this helps

I would think that you should not have to reverse these values if everything was done correctly. Maybe someone else who is more familiar with the 2.5 Controller and code can chime in on this.


Hello Brian,

There is a discussion about lasers here with a comment from Eric on installation.




I have not tried this yet, but it seem that if I reverse the values then would I not be reverse the way in which the keys perform? Currently Q is up and Z is down. I was hope to just reverse the icon image to reflect the correct position of the camera.




Thanks for the link the laser discussion, this definitely helps.