Camera Servo


Power up - Check

Motors - Check

Lights - Check

Camera - Check

Camera Servo - Oh Oh

When I first powered up, the camera quickly pegged to one side and wouldn't stop. Once the cockpit finally connected, I was able to get it to stop but I think the internal gears might be damaged.

I took the servo back out and checked the arm. No stripping there, but it feels like gears internally might be stripping. I ran the servo without the camera and arm moved forward and back, but very jittery. When I reinstalled it and attached it to the camera platform, the camera moves forward and to vertical, but won't move in the Z position. I hear it trying (there are no obstructions) but nothing moves.

Is the servo fried? How smooth should it be?


So I took the servo apart this morning. There are four gears inside, the first two closest to the output turn and engage fine, the third one seems like it is either misaligned or stripped because its not engaging properly. There's no visual damage but who knows.

Do you think I'm better off replacing the entire servo or buying a set of metal gears for it (same price either way)?


If you have narrowed it down and are sure that's the problem I would go with metal gears. In a future version I have heard that using metal gears will save you power because they will be able to turn off the servo after it gets set to a position. With the plastic gears it has to stay on to hold one spot.