Camera Quality Concerns


Hi, i pre-ordered not to long ago and have been keeping a close eye on all the youtube videos popping up as people finally get their Tridents.

I’m very concerned about the image quality coming out of the trident. The shark/seal videos shown on the openrov website look far better than many of the trident videos i see on youtube and far worse than other drones i’m seeing out there.

Is this user error, a beta version camera or something else. Were the promo videos filmed with a gopro or something equivalent strapped to a trident rather than out of the native camera.

This video in particular really showed a contrast with another camera

And comparing

with another video such as

Im seeing dramatic degradations in quality on the Trident camera between videos. Is this the best we can expect ??

Video stored on Trident after next software update?

Hi @julianlaurence,

Most of the videos we have posted on the website were using the 1080p stream from Trident, which is why they generally look better than 720p recordings that users have been posting.

Trident has two video streams: one at 720p30, which is optimized for transmission over wifi to achieve low latency and reduce lost frames (and thus has lower visual quality), and a 1080p30 stream which is optimized for high quality footage. The bandwidth requirements for the 1080p video are generally too high to deliver a reliable piloting experience, so that stream is designated to be recorded to internal memory on Trident, and downloaded later after the dive. We record the 720p video live on the user’s mobile device so that they have an immediately reviewable video, or a backup in case the Trident is somehow lost before they can sync the HQ video. In the currently deployed Beta software, the onboard recording feature has not yet been released, so the videos being posted are from the 720p stream, which is lower quality and can have missing frames.

I uploaded a recent dive that @codewithpassion and I did earlier in the year using an alpha version of the onboard recording software. The quality of the camera has been adjusted such that it is better than what you see in the shark and seal videos:

The onboard recording feature is almost ready and will be deployed as an update in the near future.


Thanks very much for your rapid response and for clarifying.

The Oahu video looks fantastic



Wow Charles, that’s complete news to me! Can’t recall ever seeing info on that before… I’ve always assumed the stream was supposed to be 1080p.
I’ll be using the Trident to see and find stuff more than to make beautiful images and so 720p is usually good enough. Good to know that the 1080p will be available though.
How many minutes of 1080p will fit in the onboard memory?


Team, is the ability to download the 1080p stream available now? Do I need an updated app?



Yes how do we get the 1080 downloaded? I see I only got 720 when transfering my latest video


Hi was wondering if there was an update on the 1080p video stream. Is it available yet I’m not seeing it as an option?


You have to enable the ‘hidden’ Experimental mode. Go to Settings then tap “Settings” title at the top of the screen 10 times fast. An Experiments option should show up. If not, try again.

Tap Experiments then Enable “Use 1080p instead of 720p video” option, and note the warnings.

This was in the Cockpit app v1.5.2.


Will this give a 1080 live pilot view?


The warning in Settings -> Experiments in v1.5.2 for option "Use 1080p instead of 720p video is :
“If you have a solid wifi connection and a powerful enough phone or tablet you can use the HQ 1080p stream as your flight video”

To me that implies a 1080p live piliot view IFF you satisfy the requirements in the warning, plus with margins for reliability in the field. I don’t know how you would determine the margin for a given setup or what would be a “powerful enough” device.

They buried it in Experimental probably to imply try at your own risk.