Camera moves backwards


The image is right-side up, but pushing "q" for up moves the camera down, even though the cockpit camera icon moves up. Similarly, pushing "z" moves the camera up, but the icon moves down. (Pushing "a" centers the camera properly.) Is there a software fix for this (as there is to reverse direction of the motors) -- if so, I can't find it. If not, what did I do wrong -- I have doubled checked the instructions and can't find a mistake. Maybe I should just cut, reverse, and splice the red and black servo leads? Thanks, Rick


Can you post a screen shot of your cockpit. There was an earlier version of the software that was in our dev branch that had that bug for about a week. It has since been fixed.


A screenshot is attached. It may well be that I have the wrong software version. From what I can tell, there is nothing in my version to turn the lasers on and off. I believe I have version 2-5.05

892-CockpitScreenshot.png (2.84 MB)


I had the same issue with version 2-5.01 (i think that was the former version number). Then i updated to version 2-5-05 and the servo stopped working at all. I am on the right pin 011 and in the cockpit it shows a camera movement. So i guess the signal is given to the ROV. However, the servo doesn't even make a sound nor it shows any kind of movement.

I measured the voltage which says 6.1V at the pins. So i guess thats all fine.

And still in the cockpit when i press q the camera image moves down.

Anybody with some help?


That *should* work. The normal checks-

1. Make sure the servo is plugged in in the right orientation

2. Make sure the ESC switches are in the "on" position

3. Double check that the servo is in the right pin (D11 for the most recent software and D9 for earlier versions)

If all of those conditions are nominal, check that you still have control of the ESCs. If so, try plugging an ESC into the servo plug and see if you can control it.

Okay- good luck, and let us know how it turns out!



Hi Eric,

thanks for your help.

i checked everything like you described.

1. Orientation correct

2. ESC switches on

3. Servo on right pin

the Servo didnt work.

Then i switch the vertical ESC to pin 11.

I was able to control the vertical thruster with Q,Z and A

So i guess the Servo is broken :-(


i am sure my servo is broken. :(

i tested the pin with an 6V Servo from an old RC-shrimper i once build way back when i was 13 :-) and it worked fine.