Camera connection


Hi All,

Sorry for silly question, but...

In the list of needed parts for OpenROV I see LifeCam HD-5000.

It is a USB camera, so how we are getting video via ethernet cable?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Currently the HD-5000 provides a USB connection to the onboard beaglebone (ARM-based processing board). The beaglebone then communicates via ethernet over the tether to the host.

Short answer: HD-5000 -> USB -> Beaglebone -> Ethernet -> Host


The HD-5000 uses USB to communicate to a host computer which in the ROV's case is a Linux based computer currently either the Beaglebone or the Rasberry Pi. There is some application code running on the ROV computer that converts the raw video feed from the HD-5000, and streams it to a web browser running on the surface, through the Ethernet based tether.