Camera a Zoom Zoom!


My motor's are still somewhere in Hong Kong and I don't see any Kits or ProtoBoards showing up in the store yet ;) So....more software hacking.

I am using the Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 for this project per the Build Sheets. I started to play with a little program called uvcdynctrl. I wanted to be able to control zoom and focus and prevent them from being driven via Auto focus mode. The Ubuntu package throws an error. I decided to try and figure out the issue and make this tool work.




What did you had to do to get the Ubuntu package fixed?

I'd like to add that to the image! Then we can add support for it in the UI.




I am going to put a fresh version of your image on my SDCard and keep better notes this time around and post up all the steps.


thats very cool about the focusing.

It doesnt seem like the genius cam will do that from the description but I guess that we could try this program and see?

Dan I have a lifecam here. It wont work right away with the ROV since the laser cut pieces are meant for the genius cam. But thats no big deal we can cut one for the lifecam too. But please look at your lifecam, if you figure out how to get the little rubber stand off let me know? I got the top of the bezel popped off but was afraid to go farther to open it up as it seemed about to break. Maybe it will bend/tuck in the tube ok or we can cut it. I really do think we may all have the HackHD in our subs someday!



Challenge accepted. I took my camera apart and created a wiki for it.

see Here


Nice! I had been attacking it from the back, i just duplicated your steps and it was a breeze. thanks


That’s great! Thanks for your efforts!
That’s what I like about open source projects!


I have broken too many things by shoving a screwdriver in and prying. Now I try and figure out where a sticker is covering a screw or something pops off easy.