Calling deep sea explorers: Engineering interns and educators needed for ROV operations this summer!


The Ocean Exploration Trust is looking for a fresh team of engineering interns and science communication fellows for their upcoming season 2015. The Trust and their ship the E/V Nautilus will be mapping and exploring new portions of the seafloor this year all while broadcasting the entire operation live. Led by legendary explorer, Dr. Robert Ballard, the team has an exciting season planned in the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Pacific.

OET's mission is to advance ROV and telepresence technology to explore unknown parts of the seafloor, conducting the highest level research and inspiring the next generation of explorers to pursue careers in STEM fields. With the technology of telepresence and the simplicity of an internet connection, global audiences can tune in to and be instantly transported into the world of ROVs Hercules and Argus. These 4000m capable ROVs lead the science team in biology, geology, ocean chemistry, seafloor mapping and marine archaeology. The 2015 Fellowships are your chance to secure your spot on the ship as part of the Corps of Exploration.

E/V Nautilus operates a lot like a teaching hospital for ocean exploration with industry legends working side by side with interns, educators, and students of all ages. The High School Honors Research Program, Marine Science, Video Engineering and ROV Engineering Internships all offer college credit for awardees. The Science Communication Fellowship is a professional development program for classroom educators or informal science communicators who are eager to bring ocean exploration to new audiences. OET pays all expenses associated for educators including training at Science Communication Workshop before the season begins.

Application deadlines are fast approaching so don't getting your application started. Know someone perfect for this? Share this post to help us recruit the best and brightest in this year's cohort. Explore for specific details and see application links below. I hope you'll join us at sea this season!

Science Communication Fellowship for teachers and informal educators
APPLICATION DUE THIS FRIDAY- December 19th 2014!communication-fellowship/cb0

ROV Engineering, Video Engineering, Seafloor Mapping and Marine Science Internship

Application due January 15th 2014!internships/c20ru

Honors Research Program (for High School students interested in STEM careers)

Application due Jan 30th 2015!honors-research-program/ca78

OET's ROV internship: Play with the professional-grade toys

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