Calling all Trident operators - is anyone out there!?

G’day and happy 2022 everyone,

Is anyone interested in helping to create and maintain a database of active Trident users around the world? I am still using my own two Tridents and I am aware of a small number of other users however the community seems to have grown very quiet…

I would also like to create a database of members with spare components that they no longer need and that might be useful for others to help keep their Tridents operating. Depending on where everyone is located, we may also want to close the circle by creating a location for everyone to send their spare components to if this is considered viable.

If you would like to be a part of this initiative then please respond to this post (or send me a private message if you would prefer).

Kind regards
Jason (Brisbane, Australia)

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Thanks Jason,

If the forum gets too quiet, this may be a good idea.

I am interested,

Jim Trezzo

Hi Jason,

Great idea about setting up a database. Please add me once you set it up.

I’m struggling to get my Trident going as my motors have jammed. I have looked at your previous posts but had trouble dismantling the motors. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m based in Brissie as well.


G’day Jim,

Thanks for the reply, I will add you to the list. Let’s keep the forum alive.

Kind regards

G’day Sameer

Thanks for the reply, I will add you to the list and I am more than happy to help.

Are you able to upload some photos of your motors?

Kind regards

Have one Trident in Canada. Don’t really have any spares but mine is still working after replacing original motors and only using it in fresh water. I use a head mounted display with mine.

G’day Jim_Pike,

Thanks for the reply, I will add you to the list. What kind of head mounted display do you use? I still use Android tablets and smart phones however I have always been interested in headset type goggle displays to overcome glare.

I’m in, too. I’ll gather info and pics soon.


G’day Jim,

Thanks for the reply, you are now on the list…it’s good to have you in the community.

I use a GP-XD controller connected by an HDMI cable to an Avegant Glyph HMD. The Glyph gives me some peripheral vision so I can see around me while monitoring the Trident. I usually use a small inflatable boat and let the Trident tow me around in calm conditions.

Happy to be involved