Call for OpenROV enthusiasts in the Bay Area!



I am currently residing in the Bay area with the hopes of connecting with other ROV enthusiasts and performing experiments/embarking on missions etc. I am staying on several boats in Sausalito currently. I have SCUBA equipment, Gopro, and a functional ROV for exploration. I am thinking of exploring the Belvedere Lagoon as it is a close, freshwater area that has given me permission to dive. However I am up for any expeditions/experiments that may be happening on the west coast, or anywhere within 500 miles.

I would also like to offer my assistance to any new builders that are having trouble with the troubleshooting process. I am not as knowledgeable as many of the experts here in Berkeley, however I consider myself a seasoned adept in troubleshooting and basic concepts in construction and making the ROV viably operational. In other words, if you have a noob question feel free to send it to me. Also, if you can cover my expenses, I can come to you in many cases and assist with your build!

Look forward to working with everyone on everything!!