Call for help in establishing a unit testing foundation


We have 3 primary areas that need coverage. The browser side javascript code, the node.js code, and finally the arduino C++ code. We need someone to go ahead and forge some example unit tests that show how each area can be tested.


Brian, in your latest beta code for 2.5 you have a "g" command for fly by wire and a "t" command for tank control do these work and if so how do you use them?

Also in this code I can not get the 7, 8, 9 and 0 keys to work. In the 2.5 image they work and I use them to hover at a depth. I would rather run the your latest code as the Open Cockpit is nicer the way you show the lights and other information on the screen, but need the 7 and 8 keys.



843-screen1.jpg (136 KB) 844-screen2.jpg (160 KB)


I went ahead and published the changes here: As for the 7,8,9,0 keys, I'll take a look. Thanks for letting me know.



Should be fixed now.


Hi Brian,

Good call! I'll be setting up something in the next days.

- Dominik