Buying Ethernet to single twisted pair adapters from Europe - anyone interested?


Hi there,

Anyone from Europe here to build their own ROV and interested in ordering the Ethernet Baluns?

According to their website, it costs about 50 USD to ship to Europe. More than one of the devices.

If there a a other people (beside me and Simo) in Europe interested, we could order together and distribute locally.

Anyone interested?




I'm interested in this, if you haven't already ordered.



Hey Ola,

We prepared orders, but there are still some tests about tethers outstanding. Maybe we don’t need the baluns anymore.
We certainly can include you if we decide for the baluns.



Update coming on this shortly. Eric spent the day working with ETS on some design changes. Basically, I think we'll pursue multiple strategies. The belden + baluns is great for a flexible, low-profile tether and ethernet offers a lot of advantages in terms of high bandwidth as well as potential for PoE.


Thanks for the update David!



Iim not sure if you followed the recent development (and saw the latest development call). It looks like the signal quality with the baluns might not be perfect. On the other hand, there where tests with normal UTP cable that where successful but would induce a bigger drag and weight with the thicker tether.

We are going to order baluns anyway very soon, so, if you wan't to join in, please tell me how many you would like to order.

I'm going to do the order and will distribute afterwards.

Cheers Dominik


Hey Dominik,

Let me know how I can help on this. I can probably help get better bulk pricing.



Once we got the okay from everyone that showed interest, I'm going to order from them and get it shipped to me.

If you could get us a discount, that would be awesome. I can route the ordering by you!