Building the Electronics - DIY Style


First off, Dominik F. (@codewithpassion) is just plain awesome ;)

Second, he got a lot of interesting things done yesterday. Here's his twitter stream over the course of 13 hours:

I definitely suggest checking out the last several entries on his blog, Code with Passion. Lots of great insight.

Also, check out his photo in the Wiki about building the electronics yourself. Please note Simone's (who edited the page) awesome line, which is quite possibly the best wiki edit to date:

things will change in the future, so be prepared to throw away everything you did: that's the cost of being pioneers and living on the edge

I love it. So true :)


Actually I wrote that page (and that line), Dominik only added the image :)


Ahh, sorry Simone!!

I knew that, too. My bad. Edited the blog post. AND it's still an awesome line :) I'm thinking about printing it out and framing it over my desk.