Building the ArduSwimmer cape



yesterday I received the BeagleBone and the AdaFruit Dev cape and was planning on building the cape on that perf board.

So yesteday night I had a look at the latest commits of the ArduSwimmer board trying to make a sense out of it (

And I found the list of components needed and the various wirings... I'll try building everything as soon as I get the components... first on a breadboard and then I'll see if I can fit everything in the adafruit dev cape.


Finally here is the list of components needed:

  • Leds
    • LED1 Green
    • LED2 Yellow
    • LED3 Yellow
    • LED4 Yellow
  • Resistors
    • R1 33k
    • R2 20k
    • R3 720
    • R4 240
    • R5 3K3
    • R6 10k
    • R7 1k
    • R8 330
    • R9 330
    • R10 330
    • R11 330
    • R12 3k3
    • R13 3k3
    • R14 22k
    • R15 15k
    • R16 20k
    • R17 22k
    • R18 20k
  • Capacitors
    • C1 22pF
    • C2 22pF
    • C3 470uF
    • C4 .1uF
    • C5 10uF
    • C6 100uF
    • C7 .1uF
  • MosFET
  • IC
    • IC1 ATMEGA 328
    • IC2 Voltage Regulator 317 SMD
  • Diodes
    • D1 1N4004
    • D2 1N4004
    • D3 1N4004
  • Transistors
    • T3 2N2222A
  • Crystals
    • Y1 CRYSTAL 16Mhz
  • Pins
    • JP1 - Backup battery (from 9V battery?)
    • JP2 - 12v from main power
    • JP3 - Camera Servo
    • JP4 - ??
    • JP5 - Port ESC
    • JP6 - Vert ESC
    • JP7 - Starbord ESC
    • AUXOUT1 -
    • AUXOUT2 -


I updated the post a bit...


I've moved this post on the wiki so that people can contribute to it:



did you use the eagle schematic and board files from github?

The boardfile there is mostly unrouted. So i have doubts about the schematic.

I read in the blog thet the kickstarter kits are going ro be prepared.

Without the cape? I'm wondering a little bit.

The schematic is fom 12.06.2012. Is this still the right version?




I think there is a new cape coming soon... the one I built is the one still on github (look in the dev branch)




is your version built on the breadboard or do you have a routed board?

We talked some time ago about depth sensors,

did you connect a depth sensor yet?
What Ports / connectors did you use for the depth sensor?

(Did you choose the 14bar or, optimistic, the 30bar Sensor?)



I'm building it on the breadboard... but new capes are coming soon I hope.

No depth sensor nor compass yet. and the current code doesn't handle additional sensors yet.

I think the idea is to go I2C for everything that is an extension to the core functionality, directly attached to the Arduino I2C ports.


Prototypes just arrived at Eric's house!



why do you connect the I2C to the Arduino Cape and not to the BeagleBone?

Is this a design decision or is there a special reason to use the the Arduino?




are they similar to the cape listed above? I was thinking about going for the adafruit cape, does anybody know if everything will fit on it?


Hi Rob,

One reason would be convenience, as we have other sonsors (like the batery level) in the Arduino code it kind of makes sense. Another reason is that it is possible to connect I2C to Arduino, so the cape should offer that possibility for the future.

There's actually another reason I ran into. I tried to hook up a digital compass module on a Sparkfun breakout board that connects via I2C and that module uses the input voltage (between 3.3 and 5V) on the I2C bus too. The BB I2C is, as far as I could find out, 1.8V. So If you would wan't to connect this compass module to the BB I2C, you need a bidirectional signal converter (Sparkfun sells them too!)

If you have an I2C device that runs on 1.8V you can add that to the BB anyway.