Building ROVs in Germany/local distributors


Hi everyone! I am looking to build some model ROVs with my 5th grade students here in northern Germany. I have built the SeaPerch ROVs before with students in the USA, however we ware looking for a company that might supply here in Germany, or perhaps Europe, as the import/shipping taxes are quite high. Or, if, perhaps, it would be more cost-effective to order our own parts locally.
Anyone have experience with this?

A second point- we are looking for people- schools, universities, and/or scientific researchers to collaborate with and learn with on our project, which involves building ROVs and using them in student-driven, underwater inquiry projects. If you have interest in collaborating with us, please reply here.

Primary Math/Science Teacher
Hamburg, Germany


Hello! I am originally from Stuttgart Germany. I live in San Francisco now and work for, a site for learning electronics. I have my own OpenROV as well. I’d love to chat.

  • Alessandra


Hi Andrea, we have just launched a campaign on IndieGoGo for our Sibiu Nano: https://igg.met/at/SibiuNano
We have a special educator edition on offer, which will come with an educator manual as well as the build manual. This would be ready for delivery in September or earlier.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hi Alessandra,
Great! Let’s chat. Your site looks like it has some cool projects! How are you using your OpenROV?


Hi Roy_Petter_Dyrdahl_T
I will definitely keep this in mind for next year. Right now we are looking for something to build this school year- hopefully next month. Where are you based?


We are based in Murcia, Spain. Would love to talk more with you about your educational projects.


In terms of buying components, I believe you can find all the common components like the beagle board, speed controllers, motors etc in Germany. I believe only the propellers you will need to order from America:

Perhaps there are some hacker/makerspaces in Hamburg that might be able to point you to some local resources? I believe you can either buy or make everything you need locally. You can laser cut the hull if you have access to a makerspace with a lasercutter.

In terms of looking for groups to collaborate with, I would check out if you haven’t done so already. I see a couple projects posted by Universities in north Germany, for example HafenCity University Hamburg.

If you or your students ever come to California, we can do an expedition together :slight_smile: Or the next time I am in Germany! :smiley: