Building an ROV


I am interested in building an ROV that can go to the the depth of 200Ft. My interest is in retrieving lobster traps in the Penobscot Bay. I know several people with commercial licenses who have lost traps. The ROV should be able to locate and attach a line to a lost trap. The trap then could be hauled to the surface. Jim



You are going to need something bigger than either a OROV2.8 or the Trident as you will probably need a heavy lift ROV.

You might look at a Blue Robotics BR2 with possibly the heavy lift feature or the Newton Gripper.



My suggestion using a 2.8 would be to use a light weight nylon plastic grabber (see Ebay) controlled control via a servo connection available on the 2.8 (see instructions in build). Using a small grappling hook attached to a nylon 1/4-inch hollow rope (strong and light weight) attached to the ROV tether with weak masking tape.The tape should be attached thin enough to break away from your tether after the grappling hook is attached to the heavy trap and you fly the ROV away. Of course, the trap weight must be able to be held by the grappling hook and pulled up using the hollow rope. I don’t know how heavy the trap is but you could check it with the grappling hook and nylon rope before attempting a dive. Good luck…



The only problem here is that maybe the OROV2.8 cannot handle strong underwater currents and be able to stay in position long enough to attach the line to the pot?



Agreed, it is all condition related. I dive in calm areas, except for tides there is not a problem.