Building A Gold Detection ROV


Hello All,

I like to build an Gold detection ROV. I have a da Vinci 1.0 3D printer and like to get stl files to build the latest OpenROV v2.7 Are there any stl files for this unit.

This will be my first build. And any advice and assistance may be paid in Gold :)

I like to have the unit build for early spring, so any info, links, personal guidance/experience that you can provide here will be great.

Components List,

STL files. If none, I do have a oversea designer that can make this for my, $200 or so and if you like to split costs, contact me.




Hello Craig.

The entire ROV is designed around being able to be cut out of flat sheets of acrylic using a laser cutter. Is there a specific reason you want to 3D print it?

There are multiple people in the community who are designing ROVs using OpenROV components but the shell of which is 3D printed. If you do a little searching around the forums you should be able to find them.

-Brian G.


Hi Brian,

I have 3D printer and wanted to print my one parts. Being that the Open ROV is to be open source, I thought that the plans where also, yet I can seem to find any. I did find the first model at

I love to get the STL files for the new model. Once I start printing I can then order the other parts to complete the build.



Hi Craig:

The laser cut files for the ROV can be found on GitHub:


Hello Craig,

OpenROV is completely open source and we love that people want to take the ideas and make modifications. We have designed the ROV so the parts are cut with a laser cutter so we work in a 2D world much of the time with .DXF files. Walt has provided the link to the DXF files for the laser process.

We are working on a 3D model of the complete ROV for people to have and modify, but it will be a little ways down the road until it is complete and released.

-Brian G.


Thanks Walt for sharing this info. I will have a look now.




Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply and update. I will have my designer have a look at the DXF files and see what he can do with them. I will get a quote and time frame to convert the files to STL. and get back.




Brian I spoke to my designer and can complete in 3-4 weeks for $500 if you are interested.

If not, I like to put out a shared offer for us to co-share cost and open the 3D stl files for the OpenROV. v2.6.

If interested please PM of leave a message in support.



PS Some designs for my 3D Magnetic Motor.

55-IMG_20140902_230142.jpg (1.21 MB)